Are you still using that thing?

In our modern world, with laptops, cell phones, and tablets, there is no reason why you should have employees clocking in with outdated hardware devices.  Jump to the cloud!  You can literally take any device with browser and Wi-Fi capability and turn it into an employee time clock.

Option 1) Log onto the browser.  By accessing the company URL, you can go to your Time Clock and clock in that way.  You have full functionality, whether it’s clocking with project, or position, making a note, or taking a break.  It can all be done here.

Option 2) Go to the terminal URL.  Now it’s getting too easy!  Each terminal has a special URL assigned to it, which can be set up for each division of your company.  The idea is to have a one stop shop for multiple employees to clock in.  With this option, you can limit access to certain devices and ip addresses, require a PIN, or require a full login.  This has much of the features as the main browser log in, with project selection, position switch, breaks, and all.

Option 3) Go mobile.  We currently have an iOS app that you can download for your iPad or iPhone.  It is called Fishbowl Workforce.  For this option you could use employee barcodes to clock in and out.

No matter which option you choose, it is all synced to the secure web server.  The data is up-to-date and accurate.  AND can be done on any device.