Xero Integration


1. In Xero, under the Payroll menu, select Employees and make sure you have a payroll schedule created and a payroll item set up for each employee.

xero employee check

2. In Fishbowl Time & Labor, under the Settings menu, select Pay Period Type and make sure the pay period type and date matches the pay schedule in Xero.

labor pay period setting

Pay period type - labor


1. Go to the Settings module and select Payroll Integrations.

payorll inteagrtgions

2. Click Activate under the Xero add-on.

actiavte Xero

3. Click Connect to Xero.

Connect to Xero

4. Authorize Fishbowl Time & Labor to access your Xero company file.

Authorize Xero

5. Configure your integration with Xero.

Xero configure


1. During the configuration, you will be reminded to verify that the pay period in Fishbowl Time & Labor matches the pay schedule in Xero.

Step 1

2. Import and map employees. Fishbowl Time & Labor will try and match each employee in Xero with the corresponding name in Fishbowl Time & Labor. Employees that are not in Fishbowl Time & Labor can be imported or excluded from the import.

step 2

3. Map pay items from Xero. The earning type pay items used for timesheets in Xero will be mapped to three Fishbowl Time & Labor items: Regular, Overtime, and Double Overtime Hours.

step 3

4. Review and finalize the number of employees and payroll items and then click Finish.

Step 4


Now that the setup, authorization, and configuration are complete, you are ready to export timesheet data to Xero. Navigate to Run Payroll under Reports and click on Export > Xero.

Export to Xero