Fishbowl Time and Labor App – Using Employee QR Barcodes (Terminal Mode)

One of the easiest ways for employees to clock in/out is using QR barcodes and scanning them at an iPad terminal. Clocking in/out is easy and just requires the employee to hold their unique barcode in front of the camera on the iPad terminal.

Printing Employee Barcodes

Employee barcodes can be printed by going to the employee module in the online Time and Labor account. Click on the small barcode image next to the edit button for each employee.


Barcodes can be saved or printed. We recommend printing them on heavy cardstock or having them professionally printed on badges. Simply click on the barcode to save it.

QR code update

Showing QR Barcode from the App (Employee Login)

Employees can use the Time and Labor IOS app to display their barcode at an iPad terminal. To access this, an employee will need to have login information added to their account and they will need to log in to the app on their phone.