Employee Time Clock Terminals

An employee time clock terminal is an easy-to-use interface that allows employees to clock in and out from a dedicated “terminal” inside your business.

Setting up Your Employee Terminal

If this is your first time setting up a time clock terminal, you can select the “Set up Employee Terminal” option inside the time clock menu.


Adding a New Terminal

1. Terminals can be added by going to the terminal module in the settings menu


2. Click on the Add a New Terminal button.

Terminal module3

Terminal Types

Drop-Down menu

Employees will select their name from a drop-down and then enter in a pin, if it’s required.


*Optional: Require employees to enter their pin – Turning this setting on will require employee to enter their PIN when they clock in and out.

Full Login

Employees will type in their Username/Email and their Password.


Access Restrictions

IP Address Restrictions

Setting an IP address restrictions makes it so that the terminal can only be accessed when an employee is connected through the approved IP address. This can be used to restrict employees to only access the time clock while they are connected to internet at their place of work.


Device Restrictions

Setting device restrictions makes it so that the terminal can only be accessed on devices that have been specifically approved by the account administrator. This can be used to ensure that only specific computers or devices are allowed to access the time clock terminal.




Show shift note when clocking out

Turning this option on will allow notes to be added at the end of a shift. Notes can be seen in the Time Cards module.

Terminal module6


Setup Wizard

A terminal can also be customized using the Setup Wizard. To open the setup wizard, click Edit next to an existing terminal and then click Go to Setup Wizard.

Terminal module7