QuickBooks Online Integration

QuickBooks Online Setup

  1. You can track hours towards jobs (or projects/customers), service hours (positions), and mark them as billable in QuickBooks Online. To do this you must first create these lists and items in QuickBooks Online.

To set this up you will need to go to the Company Settings > Advanced tab > and then click in Time tracking.  Check the appropriate box for your needs and click Save.

company settings in QBO

other QB settings

  1. In Fishbowl Time & Labor, if you want to make things billable, you need to enable projects and map each project with a job in QuickBooks Online. To track by service item you need to enable positions and map each of those as well.  This is done in the add-ons module.

wofkorce and QB settings

Activate QuickBooks Online

1. Go to the Settings module and select Payroll Integrations.

Payroll Integrations for QBO

  1. Click Activate under the QuickBooks Online add-on.

activate QB

3. Click Connect to QuickBooks.

QBO connect button screen

4. Authorize Fishbowl Time & Labor to access your QuickBooks company file.

authorize QBO

5. Next you will configure your integration with QuickBooks Online.

configure QB

Configure QuickBooks Online Settings

  1. During the configuration, you will have the opportunity to import and map employees, customers and jobs, service items and positions, and mark hours as billable. By default the only thing that is imported is employees.  Check the appropriate box to allow for the mapping of customers, service items, and billable activity.confuragion settings
  2. Import and map employees. Fishbowl Time & Labor will try and match each employee in QuickBooks Online with its corresponding name. Employees that are not in Fishbowl Time & Labor can be imported or excluded from the importemploye mapping
  3. Import and map projects. Fishbowl Time & Labor will try and match each project to its corresponding job or customer in QuickBooks Online. New projects can be imported at this time or excluded.position mapping
  4. Import and map positions. Fishbowl Time & Labor will try and match each position to its corresponding service item in QuickBooks Online. New positions can be imported at this time or excluded.serivce mapping
  5. Review and finalize the number of items mapped and imported and then click Finish.finalize confiruation

Export Payroll Timesheets to QuickBooks Online

Now that the setup, authorization, and configuration are complete, you are ready to export timesheet data to QuickBooks Online. Navigate to Run Payroll under Reports and click on Export > QuickBooks Online.export payroll to QB