How do I set up PTO? (Paid Time Off)

Adjust PTO Balances

Employees PTO can be added and adjusted in the Employee module.  Click Actions > PTO.Adjust PTO

Only vacation and sick hours can be adjusted for each employee.  Click on Adjust under the appropriate item.

adjust PTO-2

Under the drop down you can select either add or subtract.  Enter in the hours you want to add/subtract from the employees balance, and then hit Save.

adjust PTO 3

Employee PTO

Employees can enter in their own PTO requests if they have access to log into their account.  Under the Time Clock header click My PTO.   Employees will see a list of all PTO requests: Pending, Approved, and Rejected.   In this screen they will be able to view how many hours they have left, and a history of how many hours they’ve already taken.  They can edit, delete, or create a new request from this module.

Employee PTO

To create a new request, click the New Time Off Request button.  Select which type of time off is appropriate, you may choose Vacation, Sick, or Holiday.  The description of the time off is optional.  Select the dates you wish to take off.  You will see the dates and hours from the selection you made along with the pay period it affects.  Click Save when ready.  Once submitted an email is sent to the admin users’ email notifying them of the request and a link they can click on to take action on it.

new request screen

PTO Approvals

Approvals can be made under Manage > PTO Requests.  In this module managers can see all employees’ requests.  By default all pending requests are shown.  To see a history of approved or rejected requests use the filter at the top.PTO requests manager view

To approve a request, click the Action button and select Approve.  The same goes for Reject or Delete.  You may also Edit requests that were made or submitted by mistake.  If the request needs to be rejected, a note explaining why can be entered.  If rejected, an email may also be sent to the employee who requested it.

Managers can also enter in PTO for employees in this module.  Click the New Time Off Request button.  These requests will be automatically approved if the box is left checked.

If the employee does not have enough vacation or sick hours accrued to them, then a warning will appear notifying them of that fact.PTO request manager view


PTO and Payroll

Once PTO has been approved, hours will show in Payroll under the appropriate pay period.  View these details by going to Reports > Run Payroll.

PTO and Payroll