More on Employees

There are a few helpful things you can do in the Employee module.


You can search by any character that you see in the screen: an employees name, when they last worked, their position, and their department.



Each column can be sorted alphabetically.  You have the option of sorting by employee name, when they last worked, position, or department.  Simply click on the column header to sort by the appropriate category.Colomn sort

QR code

Next to the Edit link there is a small icon for printing a QR code.  Simply click on that icon to open the employee QR code.  This code can be printed, allowing employees to scan their barcode when clicking in or out from the Fishbowl Time and Labor Mobile App Terminal.

Fishbowl Time and Labor App – Getting Started

Clocking in/out with QR barcode

Action buttons


If there was a mistake, something changes, or just an employee that no longer works, you have the ability to edit an existing employee or delete them.  Click on the appropriate link to do so.

View Active/Inactive

When editing an employee you can make them inactive.  To see a list of your inactive employees click on the Active drop down button and select Inactive.  You can also reactivate an employee as well by editing them.




At the bottom of the screen, you will find the buttons for saving a CSV or a PDF file of the employee data.