Creating and using projects

In the project module you are able to create, edit, archive, and view details on a project.  We will go through each area here.

Create a project

You can create new projects ahead of time by going to the Projects module and clicking on the Add a New Project button.

new project1

create new project

Enter in the following details for the new project: Project Name, the only required field; Description, if you need more details about the project; and Budgeted Hours, hours over budget will be highlighted in red.

Red flag

If you have connected Fishbowl to Time and Labor through the plugin, when you sync Fishbowl to T&L,  work orders will be created as a project in Time and Labor. The Fishbowl work order number will display as the project number and name and the BOM description will show as the project description.

Adding a new project when clocking in

You can also create new projects on the fly at the terminal.  Simply enter a new project name and press enter. Only the name will be created.

project at terminal

Editing a project

Click on the Edit link for the project you wish to edit.  You have the ability to edit the name, description, and hours of any project.

Edit project

Close or Archive a project

Archiving a project is used for removing old or finished projects you no longer wish to be available for the terminal clock in. Archived projects are still available to view and can be activated if desired under the Archive list.

  • To archive a project you will click on the Archive link next to the project you wish to remove from the active list.



  • To archive or close multiple projects, select the corresponding boxes for the projects and then click the actions button. You can then choose to close or archive the project(s).




  • To activate an archived project, or to view closed projects, click on the Activate drop down. For archived projects,  Click on the Activate link next to the project you wish to reactivate. You can also reactivate in bulk by selecting multiple checkboxes and clicking the Actions button.


Viewing project details

You may wish to view the details of a project, including the employees who worked on it, the amount of time that has been spent, and the cost going towards the project.  To see these details click on the link for the name of the project.

details of projectProject details