Break Options

There are two options for breaks.  These options can be activated in the Add-ons module.

Break Add-on

Once activated click Settings to turn on the options desired.

Break settings

Employee paid breaks

This first option gives employers the ability to give their employees paid breaks.  Check the box to have paid breaks included in the Payroll. Once checked,  break details can still be viewed and tracked, but will be listed under the Payroll details and added in the total sum of the employees time.

paid breaks

paid breaks 2

 Automatic Breaks

The second option is to have Fishbowl Time & Labor automatically include a break after a certain amount of time an employee has been clocked in.Auto Breaks

For example, if my employees take a lunch break an hour, and usually work from 8-5 each day, I could select to deduct 1 hour every 6 hours.   That way, even if an employee has to clock out at 2, but have already taken a lunch break, the system would automatically deduct 1 hour.

Auto breaks can be overwritten and edited in the Time Cards module.

Auto Breaks 2