Fishbowl Time and Labor App – Getting started

The Fishbowl Time and Labor mobile app allows you to easily turn any iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch into a time clock that will synchronize to your online Time and Labor account.

Getting Started

1. Search the iOS App Store for Fishbowl Time and Labor and install the Fishbowl Time and Labor app.

2. Enter your company’s account URL (e.g., and then click Continue.

3. This will open a log in screen. Enter your username/email and password (admin or employee)

App Modes

Terminal mode (Admin Account)

Terminal mode is activated by logging into the app as the admin account. This mode allows mutiple employees to easily clock in/out from one device. Employees can clock in/out by scanning their employee barcode or entering their 4-digit time clock PIN.

Clocking in/out with a QR barcode

Clocking in/out with a 4-digit PIN

Terminal Settings

Employee mode (Employee Account)

Employee mode is activated when an employee logs into the app with their employee login credentials. In this mode, employees can use their phone to show their employee barcode at a terminal. Mobile employees can also be given access to easily clock in/out while logged in on the app.

Showing QR Barcodes from a phone

Allowing employee to clock in/out in employee mode