Adding Employees

Adding a new Employee

In order to keep track of time in your database, you will first need to create an employee.

First, go to the Employees module and then click the Add an Employee button.

adding employee

Below is a description for each of the five tabs used to organize employee information. Only the information on the General tab is required.


  • First Name and Last Name are required.
  • Employees can use a four digit Time Clock PIN when clocking into a terminal. You can set the PIN or leave it blank. If you leave it blank, the employee will set their PIN the first time they clock in.



  • You have the option of entering the Hourly Rate for the employee. This rate will be used when calculating regular time, overtime, double overtime, and payroll.
  •  Positions can be assigned from the drop down after they are activated in the Add-ons menu. Each employee can have multiple positions. If an employee has multiple positions assigned they will be prompted to select the position they are working when they clock in. They are managed and created under the Positions module found under the Settings menu once activated.



  • Employees can have login credentials set for them. This is used to allow them to access their own account to see their time cards and use their time clock. Your time clock terminal can also be set to Full Login and require the employees to enter their credentials when clocking in/out.
  • The Username must have at least four characters and be unique.
  • The Email must be valid and unique.
  • The Password must be at least six characters and have at least one number.
  • After setting the login credentials, employees can access their account using the URL at the bottom of the Login tab.


Profile Photo

  • You have the option of uploading a photo. Click on Choose File and browse to the image for that employee. The file can be a .jpg or .png and should be no more than 1.5 MB.



  • If an employee has manager rights, they will have access to the whole system.
  • You can also give users the ability to clock in/out from the mobile app.