Need more time to take time off?

(Employee PTO Made Simple)

Employee PTO

Employee PTO

Employees no longer need to tell managers in person, or type up an email.  We’ve tried to make it more convenient and simple for employees to request time off. Employees log into their Time & Labor account, submit a request for whenever, and the admin is automatically notified.

PTO Request Manager View

PTO Approvals

Managers can get weighed down with so many administrative tasks.  Keeping tracking of employee time off doesn’t have to be that hard.  With Fishbowl Time & Labor, the admin can go to one place to see all PTO.  They can approve, edit, or reject employee requests in this module.  Employees can be given a starting balance of PTO that they can go off of to ensure they don’t go over their threshold.

Payroll And PTO

PTO and Payroll

Time off that is approved can be exported and synced with Payroll.  Having your time tracking and PTO all under one software makes life easier for all.

Paper time cards don’t do enough and everything else is outdated. Manage
employee time with our simple time clock system.