Are your Employees using too much Overtime?

Overtime Pic Optimized

Automatic Overtime Calculations

Your employees clock in and out and Fishbowl Time & Labor will automatically calculate overtime for each employee. With full support for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay period types.

Getting ready for payroll doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore. Fishbowl Time & Labor is simple, effective, and accurate.

Overtime Settings

Automatic Overtime Calculations

Every state and business has different rules and guidelines to track overtime. With Fishbowl Time & Labor you can choose to track weekly overtime, daily overtime, double overtime, and combination of these.

Fishbowl Workforce calculates overtime accurately and automatically according to the employees time cards.

Paper time cards don’t do enough and everything else is outdated. Manage
employee time with our simple time clock system.