Are your projects a mess?

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Get a Handle on Projects

You want to get a better handle on labor?  Who is doing what and when?  What about costs?  Do you actually want to know how many man-hours it takes to complete a job?

Talk about simple tools.  You gotta check this out.

Terminal View For Projects

Easy Project Clock In

Make it easier for employees.  No log in required.  They select their name, they select the project, they select the position (if applicable) and they clock in.  Start accruing time immediately and accurately on the right job.

Project Reporting

Imagine, in your manufacturing efforts, you could have extremely accurate labor costs!  Multiple people can be working on the same project, with different rates.  Yet, we can automatically calculate project labor costs with a few clicks of a button.  Get a breakdown of who was on the project, and how much time on each position it took..

Project Report Preview

Paper time cards don’t do enough and everything else is outdated. Manage
employee time with our simple time clock system.