Features List

  • Quick view of who is working and who is not
  • View latest audit of all happenings
  • View Summary of hours on the clock
  • Search employee
  • Sort columns
Time Clock
  • Clock in and out
  • Switch positions
  • Switch projects
  • Take breaks
  • Add shift note
  • Edit or delete time
Time Cards
  • View employees time
  • Manually add employees time
  • Edit or delete employees time
  • Filter by employee
  • Filter by department
  • Export time to PDF or CSV
  • Automatic rounding of time punches
  • Break Details
  • Add employee
  • Set hourly rate
  • Select position
  • Select department
  • Upload photo
  • Give permission
  • Edit or delete employees
  • Import employees and all details
  • Export employee data
  • Edit employee info via import
  • Print out employee QR code
  • Search and sort employee
  • Search and sort position
  • Search and sort department
  • Create new projects
  • Edit projects
  • Track hours by project
  • View details of project
  • View employee breakdown of who worked on project
  • Edit employee time on projects
  • Switch project while remaining clocked in
  • Archive projects
  • Create and Set up new time clock terminals
  • Edit or delete terminals
  • Restrict access of where employees log in
  • GPS tracking
  • All features of Time Clock
  • View payroll details
  • Export payroll to Excel
  • Export payroll to QuickBooks
  • Include jobs and service items hours to QuickBooks
  • View payroll by department
  • View payroll by employee
  • Print employee payroll sheet
  • Option of choosing start day
  • Select different pay periods
  • Rates based off position
  • Custom pay periods
  • Export to QuickBooks Online
  • Export to Xero
  • Employee Request Time Off
  • Manager approve time off
  • Manager adjust time off
  • PTO goes to Payroll
  • Create, edit, delete positions
  • Create, edit, delete departments
  • Set weekly overtime threshold
  • Set daily overtime threshold
  • Set double daily overtime threshold
  • Option of choosing week start day
  • Time format options of minutes or decimal
  • Select different pay periods
  • Change Name Format
  • Select time zone
  • Enable auto breaks
  • Include breaks in payroll
  • Require project clock in
  • Set rounding options
  • Access the terminal setup
  • Enable flag alerts
  • Give access to edit and add time
  • Enable Payroll integrations
Mobile App
  • Terminal setup for multiple employees
  • Clock in and out using QR code
  • Clock in and out using 4-digit pin
  • Employee quick clock in and out
  • Add shift note
  • Clock in by position
  • Employee Time Card
  • Project Details
  • ACA Report
  • Payroll CSV
  • Employee QR codes
Fishbowl Integration
  • Create new projects from Fishbowl
  • Send labor hours to Fishbowl
  • Send labor costs to Fishbowl