Why we built Fishbowl Time & Labor

It all started when we went shopping.

You see, a few of us here at Fishbowl also own a retail store and we had a few employees we needed to manage better. We needed time clock software, and we thought that in this wonderful modern age we’d easily be able to find software that would save us a lot of time (and ultimately make our lives easier) by being easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use, and 100% accurate.

Well, our shopping experience didn’t go so well.

We looked at dozens of time clock and employee management software packages—maybe even every package out there. Many were difficult to set up, some were really hard to figure out how to use, and surprisingly, some didn’t even track time accurately!

So like any other group of ambitious (potentially crazy) people we thought, “Well, we do work at a software company—maybe we should just build one.” And that’s what we did; we built Fishbowl Time & Labor. It’s painless to set up, tracks time accurately, and makes our lives easier. It uses the latest technology and we think it looks great too. We add new features every week, and Fishbowl Time & Labor is well on its way to becoming the best employee management software in the world (but we might be a little biased).